Wichita Artists in Their Studios

by Sondra Langel and Larry Schwarm, 2016

The goal is to focus attention on the astounding collection of the daring and dedicated, peaceful and provocative, earnest and flippant, creative heroes that call Wichita home. This book is a beautiful, colorful, permanent tribute to artists in Wichita, a picture book about artists and their studios   (more here)


Art Chatter Presentation

by Tina Murano, Wichita Art Museum, April 2014   

Tina Murano was invited to participate and present at the Wichita Art Museum's evening of Art Chatter, along with six other local creatives. Each presenter created a timed slide show of 20 slides for 20 seconds each. The evening was fast paced and insightful. Tina's narrated slide presentation coming soon.  


"Kansas Humane Society's Artful Flair"

by Jennifer Torline, The Wichita Eagle

In the warm morning sun, local artist Tina Murano and three workers installed 30 mosaic circles on the outside wall of the new Kansas Humane Society building in northeast Wichita. The circles are made from 60,000 green, yellow, blue and pink glass tiles, each less than an inch long, which shimmer in the light.    


"Tile Mural Graces Grove Park"

by Christina M. Woods, The Wichita Eagle

Coming soon.


"Ten Questions with Artist Tina Murano"  

by Chris Shull, The Wichita Eagle

The art teacher at Northeast Magnet High School talks about a purple bike, a white dove and living her dream  


"Reflecting Community" African Designs Inspire Glass Tile Murals

by Christina M. Woods, The Wichita Eagle

Valor. Leadership, Bravery. These characteristics are represented by the 25,000 pieces of hand-laid glass tile that decorate the new Charles Shoots Fire Station N. 10.  


"Oceans of Kansas in Grove Park"

by Sarah Derreberry, The Wichita Eagle

Coming soon.


"Riverside Park, Revisited"  

 The Wichita Eagle

Coming soon.